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Hi and thanks for reply.

I created two children and at the act of creation, I also assigned their priorities. That’s why I cannot understand why they are not scheduled.



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On 04/10/16 22:30, Agostino Mascitti wrote:
> This means the father blocks in a busy wait (the while). But children
> are never scheduled. They should be sheduled after
> "rtems_task_start()", according to the official guide for c users. And
> so the idea: the father is not pre-emptible? And if so, could you
> suggest to me how to make it pre-emptible?

No, tasks of the same priority are enqueued on the ready queues in FIFO
order. So, if the executing task has priority 4 and you start a priority
4 task, then the executing task keeps the processor. You can use a
rtems_task_wake_after(RTEMS_YIELD_PROCESSOR) to hand over the processor
to the next task of the same priority.

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