network support: libbsdport or rtems-libbsd for e1000 network chips on i386?

RMDerbes rmderbes at
Sat Oct 29 20:14:12 UTC 2016

Hello all;

I need to deploy rtems on a x86 host that has 2 Intel GbE network 
interfaces: I218 and I210.
I'm a bit confused with rtems networking support, because there are the 
rtems-libbsd and the libbsdport projects
in rtems git repo, although libbsdport sources are much older and only 
in Joel's repo.
Which one may be use?

It seems to me that drivers for these interfaces (I210 and I218) are 
implemented in rtems-libbsd/freebsd/sys/dev/e1000 folder,
and I have built successfully a i386 BSP (disabling network support) and 
I'm stuck now, I do not know how to initialize network using the drivers 
provided in libbsd, and, basically, how to use libbsd in my projects.
I have not found any documentation about it

Thank you very much


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