How to make use of B1553BRM

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Dear all,

I am trying to use the B1553BRM driver on a LEON3 dual core based board
but I am a little bit confused on the way to open and to use the device.
Coming from the Linux world, I see that it is possible to do the following :

fd = open("/dev/brm0", O_RDWR);
(POSIX interface)

However, I do not have a filesystem because I have no need of it (except
maybe to have the descriptor node available ?).

Such call returns an errno = 2, which means ENOENT.

I try to switch to the RTEMS API by using the rtems_io_open(...)
function and the returned status is 25 "Internal error". This is
understandable since I do neither know the major number nor the minor
number for the BRM1553 configured as an RT device (I put 0 for both the
major and minor parameters).

So my questions are :
1 - is the RTEMS API usable to open the B1553BRM driver instead of the
2 - where can I find the major and minor numbers for the B1553BRM device ?
3 - where can I find some examples on how to make use of such drivers ?

For information, I want to use the B1553BRM as an RT device only.

Thanks you a lot in advance for your answers !


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