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> Hello all,
> Does any one recently use the scheduler simulator to develop/verify
> scheduling algorithms?
> I cannot build it up since the dependencies are out of date.
> Are there any good advices or previous works? I would like to dig into
> it...
Not recently. It needs to be resynced against the source tree. Usually the
main thing is to account for new/modified headers which impact the
scheduler simulator infrastructure or the "port".

The biggest issue I think is faced now is that RTEMS depends more
on newlib BSD extensions than it did when the simulator was written.
The last person who attempted to update it was a GSoC student who
couldn't get it to build against glibc.  The approach to work through
that has historically been to provide the missing .h files in the scheduler
simulator -- copy them. But I think the BSD code in newlib .h files is
now more intertwined rather than extra .h files. I would suggest a
building a native Linux toolset with newlib instead of glibc and using
that as the compiler for the scheduler simulator. It doesn't need much
native support beyond stdio.


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