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Wed Sep 21 19:35:10 UTC 2016

Round 2:

Our company is looking into using an RTOS very soon.  The ones examined (by a company in India who does our protocol stacks) are:
FreeRTOS,  Segger Emb-OS,  Micrium,  Threadx.

Can anyone (Joel?) fill in the following for RTEMS so I can add in my 2 cents in for RTEMS?  We are working with Cortex M4 and M7 (STM32L4 and Atmel SAM4 & SAM7).

Kernel size (ROM)

Kernel RAM usage

Kernel Type



Min. stack-size per task (RAM)

Max. no. of tasks

Max. no. of mailboxes

Max. no. of semaphores

Max. no. of software timers

Max. no. of priorities

Nested interrupts

Task switches from within ISR

Context switch time

Interrupt latency time

Atmel studio 7/ASF - Tool compatibility

Royalty Fee

License Cost


POSIX compliant

any tools to avoid priority inversion
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