RTEMS 4.11.0 build fails on Windows

Linda Huxley lhuxley at shaw.ca
Wed Apr 12 00:16:17 UTC 2017

> Also if you have any suggestions on how I can improve the documentation
> please let me know.

Thanks Chris,

There are a couple of typos in section "5.2.1. RTEMS Tools and Kernel" 
of the "RTEMS User Manual" 4.11.99:

$ mv rtems-source-builder-4.11.0 4.110
$ cd 4.11.0

That should read:

$ mv rtems-source-builder-4.11.0 4.11.0
$ cd 4.11.0/rtems

I wasted quite a bit of time because of the omission on the second line.

I also wasted time with section "3. Quick Start".  The instructions 
there don't seem to apply to Windows users.  I would have done much 
better just jumping directly to section 5.2.1, after reading parts of 
chapter 4.

I also wasted time with "5.1.1 Project Sandboxing".  That might be 
helpful once I have something working, but it was no help while getting 
started.  I tried to follow one of the schemes mentioned there, but then 
I found that RSB refused to make use of my directory tree anyways.



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