Exists a user function executed before C++ class object initialization?

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> initialization?
> Another alternative is to statically configure a user extension that sets this
> during the begin hook. Configure that extension statically. I think this would
> work portably from an order of execution view point.

Using the user extension did the trick. We use RTEMS 4.10.2 from Gaisler and are reluctant to change and recompile the BSP.
For some reason adding it as a task begin hook caused the leon to hang on a simple load instruction when executing the hook sometimes (it even lost the debug connection to GRMON). I haven't had the time to investigate too much, but I saw the stack checker pattern value (IIRC 0xDEADBEEF?) in some registers upon entering the begin hook function. I am not sure if that is really a sign of a stack corruption or if the pattern was simply left in the global register from writing it right before. 

Anyhow, I now set the fsr bit in the taskCreateHook.  This way the fsr setting will simply be inherited during task creation. No hangs so far and the bit is set in all tasks.

Thanks you for the hint Joel.

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