LEON2 and C++ exception handling

Mike Looijmans mike.looijmans at topic.nl
Fri Aug 11 08:36:44 UTC 2017

Now that we got RTEMS running from ROM on a LEON2, I'm running into the issue 
that C++ exceptions don't work. Any "throw" results in a fatal termination.

A program that does something like:

try {
   throw std::exception();
} catch (const std::exception& ex)

results in a stack trace like this:

   #0   0xf9404fcc   0x4000c5a8
   #1   0x00079340   0x4000c608   <_CPU_Fatal_halt+0x8>
   #2   0x0005497c   0x4000c668   <_Terminate+0x48>
   #3   0x000535b8   0x4000c6d8   <rtems_fatal+0xc>
   #4   0x0004a970   0x4000c738   <bsp_spurious_handler+0xc>
   #5   0x00079588   0x4000c7a0
   #6   0x00048720   0x40017ab8   <classify_object_over_fdes+0xd0>
   #7   0x00048e78   0x40017bd0   <search_object+0x330>
   #8   0x0004965c   0x40017c48   <_Unwind_Find_FDE+0x10c>
   #9   0x00045f30   0x40017cb0   <uw_frame_state_for+0x3c>
   #10  0x0004739c   0x40017d18   <uw_init_context_1+0x28>
   #11  0x00047c44   0x400180f0   <_Unwind_RaiseException+0x10>
   #12  0x0000b478   0x40018918   <__cxa_throw+0x58>

Any tips on how to diagnose this? Or should I just give up on C++ exception 
with RTEMS?

Kind regards,

Mike Looijmans
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