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Jacob Saina jsaina at
Thu Aug 17 21:27:48 UTC 2017


I'm new to RTEMS and am confused about some things. I'm able to build and
simulate examples for the erc32, but not any arm boards I've tried
(beagleboneblack, raspberrypi2, xilinx_zynq_zc706). Any help is appreciated.

1) Is it correct to build rsb and rtems using the master branches of their
git repositories? I had been using the 4.11 tags for both of these. Today I
tried master and I can't even build rsb.

2) What are the current stable versions of the rtems kernel and rsb? More
importantly, where is this information located?

3) The *.exe files that get built (e.g. both_hello.exe from the examples-v2
repo)  -- these are full images containing the kernel and application,
correct? Is there a good resource with an example for preparing the image
to run on (any arm) hardware?

4) What does <arch>-rtems<version>-run use to simulate the application?

5) The test suite applications seemed to successfully build for the arm
architectures I tried, but when attempting to run them, there is no output.
Depending on the application and bsp, arm-rtems4.11-run will exit with an
code of 48, or 0. sparc-rtems4.11-run produced the expected output with its
test suite applications. What does this lack of output mean?

Thank you,
Jacob Saina
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