inconstantly running issues

yaron o jaron0123 at
Sun Aug 20 13:00:23 UTC 2017

Hello all .

i am using a legacy code that uses a lot of algorithms and global and
static variable on my BUS that run rtrms . the code should run in a loop a
thousandth times , when i start to run it it run some times 20 times, some
time 5 times and some time 100 time i dont know why it happens but when it
throws me i get the same message :

 CPU 0:  IU in error mode (tt = 0x07, mem address not aligned)
         0x40094218: c4044000  ld  [%l1], %g2  <_Thread_Reset_timeslice+24>
 CPU 1:  Power down mode

does any one know what is the mining of this massage ? what i should check
my suspicions is relate to times scheduling between tasks but i am using
only one task ..

any ideas  will welcome
i am using leon 3 processor running vie grmon

thank all

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