make lto-compress.o error & build recovery question

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Feb 6 05:16:52 UTC 2017

On 06/02/2017 15:54, Karim, Hassan wrote:
> confirmed! It is very slow. The only exception is where we can use make
> -j ... enabling multi threads/CPU's to get in on the action.

I think more than 1 job with make now works on a recent MSYS2. To be 
honest I cannot remember if it is working. For a long time MSYS 
(MinGW32) had problems.

> but besides that... I just encountered a bug with the Ubuntu on WSL...
> symlinks to directories don't work as expected. The link apparently gets
> created. One can CD into it. but what's inside of that linked directory
> is ... ghostly. They act like recursive links to the same directory.


> Are symlinks used in the RTEMS set builders?

Yes but indirectly. For example 
You could add __ln_s to as 'cp' to see if it works. I seem to 
remember from the distance past that MSYS basically did a copy rather 
than create an unsupported link.

Also the RSB cannot control the contents of a tar file is expands and a 
tar file can contain a symlink. The same goes for a build system 
contained in a package.


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