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Sun Feb 19 13:08:04 UTC 2017

Using GDB to debug RTEMS works basically like debugging a normal
executable. You should specify the executable name to GDB on the
command line or when you start GDB using 'file' or 'symbol-file'
commands. This will give you line numbers and source code.

In order to debug inside Qemu you need to attach gdb to qemu usually
by something like 'target remote localhost 7000' in case qemu is
listening on port 7000 for a gdb connection. On a local box, you can
also usually use the --pid x command line flag of gdb to connect it to
the process having pid x.

The --enable-rtems-debug will turn on some additional code inside
RTEMS to increase debug checks/asserts that are used. It should not be
necessary in order to actually debug, since the -g option usually is
given to gcc by the BSP's makefile.


On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 3:54 PM, Joey DiGiorgio <digiorgiojoey at> wrote:
> I am able to debug an RTEMS application while viewing the assembly
> language code, but is there any way to debug an RTEMS application and
> break, list, etc. the C/C++ level code?
> I tried building everything with the --enable-rtems-debug flag, but I
> still get a message about "symbol tables" not being loaded.
> To start I am just working with the "testsuites/samples/hello"
> application in either QEMU or the GDB simulator.
> - Joey D.
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