rtems-libbsd(v4.11.1) is not stable

xuelin.tian at qkmtech.com xuelin.tian at qkmtech.com
Wed Jan 18 04:21:47 UTC 2017

Dear all,
I recently have tested some of my previous examples, based on matlab, and the results showed that the latest release version(v4.11.1) might not be stable. 
Sometimes, when I start up my target, I cannot ping it until my system runs for a short period. 
And, the most serious problem is that, the tcp packet  will be lost periodically. It it related to the GT. When I disable the GT, and append the Clock_isr() to my own periodic task, no loss happen. 
Any ideas? Thank you.

BTW, the previous version (downloaded on 2016 May, maybe...) works fine, no loss. 

xuelin.tian at qkmtech.com
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