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Wed Jan 11 11:11:28 UTC 2017

> There was a gsoc project a few years ago which read the user documentation
> for confdefs.h and
> used that to generate the menu, options, tool tips, data type, etc.
> Ignoring issues Chris and I
> have discussed about how using the documentation to do this risks having
> the doc and tool
> out of sync with the real code, there is a basic new issue:
> + the documentation is in a new format - Sphinx - so even if we used the
> exact same
> approach, the tool reads the wrong format input.
> That project is discussed at
> ApplicationConfigurationGUI
> and includes links to the github.
> Seeing if we can solve the code=doc=tool problem and updating the tool so
> the Sphinx docs
> match the tool options would be a good project and make this concept
> something we could
> trust.
I suppose, one would have to make a parser for the Sphinx documentation as
already made for the tex files.

Off the top of my head, I think Chris and I thought that if the confdefs.h
> documentation
> could be generated from that file AND the tool also read that file, then
> it would be OK.
> The risk is getting them out of sync.

I don't understand why would the sync between doc=tool be a problem when
the tool parses from the doc. Kindly help me with this.

Also, in another thread the devs discussed about incorporating third party
packages. I am interested in porting mathematical packages (as listed in
the open projects page: mtrxmath, ccmath, openGL Mathematics and others. I
will be glad to port them and write tests and examples once ported (like a
simple/sanity test as Joel mentioned in the thread). However, I am unsure
if this project will be enough to fill in three months worth of work; also,
whether this is in general interest of the community.

Furthermore, if I could be of some help in making the parser for Sphinx
documentation, it would be great and I would start with some real patches
to RTEMS. :)

Tanu Hari Dixit.
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