RTEMS 4.11.2-rc5 Release

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Wed Jul 5 02:25:19 UTC 2017


RTEMS 4.11.2-rc5 is available for testing. If you are using RTEMS 4.11.1
we encourage you to test and report any issues before the release date
of 7th July 2017. I have built all architectures in the '4.11/rtems-all' build
set on Windows taking just over 1 day to complete.

The release is available here:


The release notes contain the issues fixed. Important issues are:

 - DOSFS fixes
 - Libdl C++ exceptions fixes on 4.12 have been back ported
   to the 4.11 branch.
 - Windows build patch.

If you find an issue please raise a ticket and set the milestone to 4.11.2.

If you have a question please email this list.


1. This release contains release notes for all 4.11 dot releases. The
PDF has links in red to RTEMS's Trac so you can click though to Trac to
review details.

2. Doxygen documentation is available.


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