Waf still not working?

Russell Haley russ.haley at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 14:44:24 UTC 2017

hmmm... I've only had 30 minutes this morning but... I can't seem to
see what is missing in my waf configure command:


p.s. I noticed you grumbled about pastebin adverts. Perhaps you were
being drôle, but if pastebin is annoying you, please let me know and
I'll use a different method (I use pro so I don't get adverts).

On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 10:42 PM, Chris Johns <chrisj at rtems.org> wrote:
> On 25/07/2017 00:34, Russell Haley wrote:
>> Hi Chris,
>> Thanks again for your help last night. When I hit my "energy wall" at
>> the end of the night I have to turn off my computer right away or I'll
>> fight through it and be up all night!
>> Anyway, I looked back at the instructions again and see what you were
>> point me at. I went back up to the examples-v2 and initialized the sub
>> modules Then I ran waf configure again:
>> russellh at prescott:~/rtems/work/examples-v2$ waf configure --rtems=/opt/rtems \
>>>                     --rtems-tools=/opt/rtems \
> The RSB and/or RTEMS --prefix is the same. I tend to use a version as well.
>>>                     --rtems-bsps=sparc
> A BSP is specified as `sparc/erc32` ie arch/bsp. There is a script in the top of
> the rtems.git source that lists them.
>> Setting top to                           : /home/russellh/rtems/work/examples-v2
>> Setting out to                           :
>> /home/russellh/rtems/work/examples-v2/build
>> Could not find any architectures
>> (complete log in /home/russellh/rtems/work/examples-v2/build/config.log)
>> I'm not sure where the board support packages live or what to use for
>> the sparc/erc32 simulator (I tried both sparc and sparc/erc32).
> That is a good start to figure out the work flow.
>> The kiwi-build.sh script lives in ~/rtems/work/ and that's where the
>> intermediary files seem to live.I will have to figure out again where
>> BSPs live. Also, is there a programmatic way to see all the bsps and
>> where they live?
> Un the prefix you use, for example /opt/rtems/4.12.
>> I think what I might do is collect my thoughts on what parts of the
>> build I find difficult (before I learn it and forget what the hard
>> parts are for noobs).
> That would be good to do.
>> Thanks and we'll speak again soon.
> Will do.
> Chris

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