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Thu Jul 27 06:14:28 UTC 2017

Hi, I have a question about methods of loading the symbols When I want to
load RAP dynamically

My environment)
: target pc = pc386 ( on QEMU )
: I didn't use flash file system of a network to load external file. Only
used IMFS (basic)
: I used Untar_FromMemory( ) function to copy tar file(RAP) to the IMFS

My build step)
1. build base_kernel_image

2. make RAP using object file(will be loaded dynamically) and
base_kernel_image // use 'rtems-ld' command

3. create tar file ( RAP -> tar )

4. convert 'tar file' to 'c file' // use 'rtems-bin2c' command

5. tar.c -> tar.o

6. build preImage

7. generate symbol table // use 'rtems-syms -e -c "cflags" -o symbol_table

8. build finalImage including symbol table

9. dynamic load test success

I know there are two way managing symbol
  1) the symbols table is embedded in the base image // no use flash file
system or network to load external symbols
  2) create an object file containing the symbols and it can be loaded at
run time
and I think my method is 'embed the symbols in the base image'.

Is it possible to use the second method - 'create an object file containing
the symbols and it can be loaded at run time', without using the file
system or the network(my current state)?
If so, what should I do?

Thank you for reading the long question
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