stdout and stderr are getting mixed up?

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Jul 6 01:29:18 UTC 2017

On 30/06/2017 23:01, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> would you mind testing with the latest tool chain (RSB) and the latest RTEMS
> master:

I have built and tested a major app on 4.12 that showed the problem and it is
much better so I am happy with this change and the improvement it brings. Well
done and thank you.

I am seeing the same issue when starting the shell while overlapping output is
happening on stdout and stderr when stderr has been redirected (using
libmisc/redirector). I am yet to look into this and I suspect this will not
happen for a while. It could be related to the zynq's polled console driver, I
do not know.


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