Building RTEMS for BeagleBone Black failed

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Thu Jul 20 18:10:37 UTC 2017

On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 11:39 PM, Russell Haley <russ.haley at> wrote:
> That's what I was thinking (autogenerated file and a fbsbd 12 issue). I was going to try creating a jail tomorrow and run fbsd 11 release. I will check available gcc compilers and could also ask in arm irc #mipsbsd on efnet. I will check both amd64 and armv6 gcc 7.1.
> Night
> Russ
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> This looks like a FreeBSD 12 issue. Can you build a native GCC 7.1 on
> this platform? The options.h file is automatically generated. Maybe
> there is an issue with this.

I can create a gcc7 compiler and compile a file. However, note that
it's still marked as development in the port name?

cd /usr/ports/lang/gcc7-devel
sudo make install
cd ~
gcc7 test.c -o test.o

russellh at prescott:~% ./test.o
Hello World

Will look at creating an 11-Release jail later today/tonight. I enjoy
working with io-cage. It's a pretty slick tool.

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