Running RTEMS on a LEON2 from ROM

Mike Looijmans mike.looijmans at
Wed Jul 26 09:01:35 UTC 2017

Here's my latest grmon2 session. I'm using the "hello" sample application as 
reference now, which I find here after (deleting all files and) building the bsp:

Mysterious. It gets to the "st  %g1, [%g1 + 0x8]" instruction, which 
apparently writes to 0x400028A8 which is an okay location in RAM. Then the 
next instruction just "hangs", when i hit ctrl-C after a minute or so, I get 
the backtrace as below.

I really don't have a clue...

grmon2> bp hard 0x000063ac
   Hardware breakpoint 3 at 0x000063AC

grmon2> reset

grmon2> bp hard 0x000063ac
   Hardware breakpoint 4 at 0x000063AC

grmon2> run 0

   breakpoint 3 hit
   0x000063ac: c2206008  st  %g1, [%g1 + 0x8]  <_API_extensions_Initialization+24>

grmon2> reg
          INS        LOCALS     OUTS       GLOBALS
      0:  00000000   00000FC6   400FFF40   00000000
      1:  00000000   000003B0   00000001   400028A0
      2:  00000000   000003B4   00000000   40002800
      3:  00000000   00000FC6   40002500   400028A4
      4:  00000001   00000800   00000000   51CF6D71
      5:  40002800   00000000   00000001   FFFFFFFF
      6:  400FFF40   00000000   400FFEE0   00000000
      7:  000003C8   00000000   00005F60   00000000

    psr: 00900FE6   wim: 00000002   tbr: 40000890   y: 00000000

    pc:   000063AC  st  %g1, [%g1 + 0x8]
    npc:  00005F68  st  %i4, [%g6 + 0x10]

grmon2> dis
    0=> 0x000063ac: c2206008  st  %g1, [%g1 + 0x8] 
        0x000063b0: 92100008  mov  %o0, %o1                <_API_extensions_Add+0>
        0x000063b4: 1110000a  sethi  %hi(0x40002800), %o0  <_API_extensions_Add+4>
        0x000063b8: 901220a0  or  %o0, 0xA0, %o0           <_API_extensions_Add+8>
        0x000063bc: 8213c000  or  %o7, %g1 
        0x000063c0: 400000c3  call  0x000066CC 
        0x000063c4: 9e104000  or  %g1, %o7 
        0x000063c8: 9de3bfa0  save  %sp, -96, %sp 
        0x000063cc: 3910000a  sethi  %hi(0x40002800), %i4 
        0x000063d0: fa0720a0  ld  [%i4 + 0xA0], %i5 
        0x000063d4: b81720a0  or  %i4, 0xA0, %i4 
        0x000063d8: b8072004  add  %i4, 4, %i4 
        0x000063dc: 80a7401c  cmp  %i5, %i4 
        0x000063e0: 02800009  be  0x00006404 
        0x000063e4: 01000000  nop 
        0x000063e8: c2076008  ld  [%i5 + 0x8], %g1 

grmon2> step
   0x000063ac: c2206008  st  %g1, [%g1 + 0x8]  <_API_extensions_Initialization+24>

grmon2> step
grmon2> bt
   Inside trap/irq

        %pc          %sp
   #0   0x6d1e25c0   0x400ffe78
   #1   0x00005f60   0x400ffee0   <rtems_initialize_data_structures+0x1c>
   #2   0x000003c8   0x400fff40   <boot_card+0x1c>
   #3   0x000001a0   0x400fffa0
   #4   0x00000000   0x40100000

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