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Hello all,
I am interesting, how does RTEMS implement threads for Ada?

Native Ada tasks are POSIX threads just like Linux. This code is all in GCC.

As I can see, it provides its own package RTEMS.Tasks. Also,
I have read that native Ada application will work on RTEMS
without any changes? Can you explain how it is done?

RTEMS.Tasks is an Ads binding to the Classic API so you can CAN write
Classic API tasks in Ada. It is just not the preferred solution.

The history is that at one point LONG LONG ago, there were parallel C and
Ada implementations of rtems. No one used the Ada implementation so only
the C survives.

Also, I found out that there are two 'RTEMS User Manual' here: one of them is 'RTEMS Development
Environment Guide '. Is it on purpose?

Is it a copy? It should have different contents.

Also, I can't find an Ada Manual in documentation.

Ada rules for the binding are so simple, there is just a chapter to explain
them. The separate Ada manual was dropped.

Regards, Denis Obrezkov

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