Developing with RTEMS on the host

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Jun 5 04:02:22 UTC 2017

On 04/06/2017 13:08, Russell Haley wrote:
> Sorry for the top post. My understanding is that the license is only applicable to the bootloader code. 

In this case yes and from what I can see it is GPLv2.

> As there is no linking to the ‎rtems code, it is a non issue unless you modify the bootloader itself.

If I make a product that contains this bootloader it is my understanding I need
to make available the source, or make an offer that is valid for 3 years to
provide the code. If the product is commercial I cannot provide information I
received as the offer to distribute (3.c of GPLv2).

This means I need to consult any legal team in the company to clear this
activity, capture and archive the source code and I suspect inform others in the
company a request could happen. If there are variants or versions in the field I
would need to track those against the bootloader's source shipped.


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