About dlclose in rtl

xuelin.tian at qkmtech.com xuelin.tian at qkmtech.com
Tue Jun 6 09:11:52 UTC 2017

I check this flag becomes available in SUSv3 standard after glibc2.2. 
My concern is whether dlclose can reset (or delete) the static variables defined in loaded xxx.rap. Or we need to delete static variables manually?

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From: Chris Johns
Date: 2017-06-06 17:06
To: xuelin.tian at qkmtech.com
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Subject: Re: About dlclose in rtl

On 6 Jun 2017, at 5:11 pm, "xuelin.tian at qkmtech.com" <xuelin.tian at qkmtech.com> wrote:

Sure, this makes sense. We need to take care of our own heap, tasks, and so on.
Does dlopen APIs in rtems reset or delete static variables in the same xxx.rap? In linux, dlopen would reset the static variables unless "RTLD_NODELETE" is specified.

Currently there is no support for RTLD_NODELETE and currently no plans to add it. There is no performance gain in using this flag. Is it in the standard?

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