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Piotr Sykulski pitersk at
Sun Mar 12 13:48:39 UTC 2017


My name is Piotr Sykulski and I'm a student from Poland. I would like to
contribute to the RTEMS project by participating in Google Summer of Code
2017. I already completed the Hello world project describe here . Where and how
should I submit the proof?

I'm interested in adding support for peripherals like I2C, ADC, PRU, etc.
I've found blog of the student who succesfully  developed PWM support and
started working on I2C
. I could pick up from where he left and start working on I2C first. Other
than that I would be really interested in PRUs or ADCs, but I think it is
really up to the mentors to say what's needed first. So I am asking for
help in choosing project subjects and writing the proposal.

One problem is that I can't find any vendor selling Beaglebone White
boards. I can easily find Black boards, but as it is described on project
site you can't debug with jtag there. Do you think that debugging using
serial port would be enough for these projects?

I was also interested in adding support for Raspberry Pi, but there is no
mentor listed under this project so I'm not sure it is active, could
someone clarify that for me?

Best regards,
Piotr Sykulski
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