rtems-libbsd : simplebus vs nexus

Thomas Kim thomas73.kim at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 13:28:39 UTC 2017

Dear Sir,

I checked that some files for rtems-libbsd regarding FreeBSD simplebus in
March 8th.

I think that movement from original FreeBSD soruce to rtems-libsd is more

But, I am confusing regarding "simplebus vs nexus"

As I know from history of rtems-libbsd, nexus interface only have used
before March 8th.
I guess that rtems-libbsd will be updated to one direction of two cases.
  - 1st case : co-existance for both simplebus and nexus
  - 2nd case : simplebus only. that is, current nexus code will be changed
to simplebus.

Please advise that regarding "For chaning rtems-libbsd S/W architecture".

Best Regards,
Thomas Kim
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