[GSoC] Ethernet support for beaglebone.

Ben Gras beng at shrike-systems.com
Fri Mar 10 20:58:12 UTC 2017

On 03/10/2017 03:50 PM, Ketul Shah wrote:
> Hi Nikolay and all,
> Glad to see your interest ...!
> On 9 March 2017 at 15:24, Nikolay Komashinskiy
> <nikolay.komashinskiy at yandex.ru
> <mailto:nikolay.komashinskiy at yandex.ru>> wrote:
>     I think Ethernet mostly works on BB's. There were some performance
>     issues at one point
>>     related to UBoot version.  It was like a 10x difference. I think
>>     it was narrowed down to 
>>     the initialization of the cache or MMU being different. 
>>     I have cc'ed Ben Gras.He is more likely to remember the details.
>>     --joel
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>     I also found that there is a gpio code for beaglebone. These
>     peripherals are interested for me
>     because in the future I want to implement a distributed real-time
>     system - that would be hard to do
>     without ethernet (afaik am335x supports IEEE 1588v2 protocol).
>     So, could you tell me what is the current state of ethernet and gpio?
>     And I still can't understand do I need a jtag in order to debug
>     rtems on top of beagleboard?
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> Me and my friend Ragunath worked on GPIO and Networking ( Ethernet
> driver) in GSoC'15.
> I also cc'ed Ragu. He would be the right person to guide you out for
> Ethernet driver.
> Also last year Punit worked on PWM driver...
> You can refer to following links :- 
> 1. http://ragustechblog.blogspot.in/2015/06/gsoc-2015.html
> 2. https://github.com/ketul93/RTEMS-on-BBB
> Also for debug method we generally use printf statements in code and
> debug using serial utilities (ex. picocom) using UART communication.
> For better debugging yes you would need JTAG ... 

Thanks for your input Ketul.

I totally agree that printf is usually enough. That does require a
'special' cable (serial TTL logic levels to usb) but is worth it. JTAG
also requires a
special cable.

If you can, consider a beaglebone white - it has the UART and JTAG on
the regular USB port (the one it already takes power from), an ideal
development board with the same SOC as the BBB.

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