No sparc build set file found

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Mar 13 22:29:22 UTC 2017

On 13/03/2017 23:25, Piotr Sykulski wrote:
> You have to run source builder from a different folder. .bsets are
> located in config folder but they are in
> rtems-source-builder/rtems/config/4.12 not in
> rtems-source-builder/source-builder/config
> Have a look here

Correct and thanks.

You can create a config directory any where even outside the RSB source 
tree and the RSB will build it. In the RSB source tree there is the RSB 
source under source-builder and then support for RTEMS under 'rtems' and 
support for bare host packages under 'bare'. The RSB maintains a path it 
searches for configuration files and this include the 'config' directory 
under source-builder. That directory hold common configurations that can 
be shared.


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