Restarting an RTEMS app after a warm reset

Charles INGELS charles.ingels at
Tue May 2 09:02:26 UTC 2017

Dear all,

I am building and running an RTEMS based software application on a
LEON2/LEON3 CPU board. The app works fine.

During the execution, I trigger a warm reset (without emptying the SRAM
content). The CPU then restarts executing the bootstrap which will in
turn directly try to execute the app in the same state in which it was
left before the warm reset. Since the SRAM has not been reinitialized,
the app is still there.

However, the app execution leads to a software crash.

I suppose that it is not possible to start an RTEMS app from a non
deterministic state. Do you have some clues that will help explaining
that issue ? Is it mandatory to restart from a clean image of the
software app (e.g. loaded from a PROM) ? Does RTEMS need to be in a
known stated before starting ?

Loading the software app from the PROM to the SRAM is not really an
issue, it can be done each time, but I just want to have an
understanding on what I observe.

Thanks a lot for your answers !




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