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Pham, Phong phamp at ddc-web.com
Sat May 20 02:52:28 UTC 2017


Another dumb question with regard to the build environment in rtems-libbsd.  Enclosed is the screenshot of compiling a given file.  The compiler options where highlighted can be edited in the libbsd_waf.py (even though it is an autogenerated file but I edited it anyway and it works).  What about the options before the highlighted text?  It seems like the options are taken from the <toolchain path>/lib/pkgconfig directory after BSP installation.  If I remove the file, waf complains.  (Looks good).  Now if I instead of removing the file, I remove all the content of the file (essentially have a file of 0 bytes), compile with waf again and it actually compiles.  (Confused)  So where exactly does it get all the options from?  <bsp>/make/target.cfg is another file filled with confusion...

Absolutely confused,

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