Restarting an RTEMS app after a warm reset

Charles INGELS charles.ingels at
Tue May 2 11:26:43 UTC 2017

Hi Sebastian,

thanks a lot for your answer. This confirms what I observed, and it
seems obvious that it cannot work without reloading the data at least.

Thanks !


Le 02.05.2017 à 11:25, Sebastian Huber a écrit :
> On 02/05/17 11:02, Charles INGELS wrote:
>> During the execution, I trigger a warm reset (without emptying the
>> SRAM content). The CPU then restarts executing the bootstrap which
>> will in turn directly try to execute the app in the same state in
>> which it was left before the warm reset. Since the SRAM has not been
>> reinitialized, the app is still there.
> This doesn't work, you have to restore at least the initial values of
> the global data (from PROM).

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