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Hi Nikolay Komashinskiy

Thank you for your help, and i modified the blog entry in my wiki page, you can try it again.

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Hello, you have a very exciting project. I also have BBB so maybe I will be able
 to test your solution and may be even to help with something.

Also, I found a link to your blog on the wiki page of your project. It is called
"Introduction". The link is private, can you share a public link to the blog entry?

08.05.2017, 10:40, "Sichen Zhao" <zsc19940506 at>:
> Hi all,
> My name is Sichen Zhao, I am a first year master student at NanJing University in China, and I am majoring in Electronic and Communication Engineering.
> My GSOC project is Beagleboard BSP projects, Mentor is Christian Mauderer and Punit Vara.
> This project intends to add the following supports to the Beaglebone Black BSP: I2C support, USB device support, Wireless network card support, USB dongle support. The wireless network support make the RTEMS can apply on many application scenarios such as the four rotor unmanned aerial vehicle. makes RTEMS more attractive for the user community.
> And i will try my best to finish my GSOC goal!

 Nikolay Komashinskiy
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