ifLib.c missing/not ported to rtems-libbsd???

Pham, Phong phamp at ddc-web.com
Sat May 20 01:38:48 UTC 2017

One additional question, I notice that currently in nexus-devices.h, only i386 bsp support lem, em, and igb.  Is it actually functional and compilable?  In another word, the drivers under.../e1000/*, have they been ported to rtems-libbsd for use?

I know I could've just compile it and try it out; however compiling a tool chain takes a long time (and I don't work on i386), that's why I ask.


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Subject: ifLib.c missing/not ported to rtems-libbsd???


There are quite a few routines used by .../e1000/if_em.c (iflib_get_dev for ex.) that needs an implementation.  Seems to me that these routines reside in ifLib.c in FreeBSD but currently this file is not anywhere in the rtems-libbsd tree.  Is it b/c it needs to be ported to RTEMS?  Are files under ../e1000/* not fully supported in RTEMS libbsd yet?

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