ifLib.c missing/not ported to rtems-libbsd???

Phong Pham phongvanpham at yahoo.com
Mon May 22 17:00:11 UTC 2017

> The i386 BSP may not work with the latest libbsd version. In addition, the i386 BSP should be replaced with an x86_64 BSP.

Just want a clarification, the code that is checked in to the main line is not guarantee to be compile-able as in this case, compiling a BSP like pc386.cfg in ...\rtems\c\src\lib\libbsp\i386\pc386\make\custom, install them, and compiling rtems-libbsd will result a compilation failure?

In another word, you are not guaranteeing everything on rtems-libbsd main line to be at least compileable?  If you're not guaranteeing that, then would it make sense to not even include LIBBSP_I386_PC386_BSP_H support in nexus-devices.h?  In my opinion, the best way is to only add a given BSP in nexus-devices.h when it can be shown to be compileable.

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