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> Hi guys,
> I've tried measuring the real time capability of a BSP using the
> Rhealstone benchmark. This benchmark only tells about the average time
> spent for e.g. task switching.
> Is there interest in a more fine-grained Rhealstone benchmark, which
> prints the Worst Case Execution Time (WCET) or the deviation of the
> measured values?
> Has there already been an attempt to modify Rhealstone in order to get
> the WCET from each benchmark?

Rhealstone was a proposal from someone at Intel in 1989 that appeared
in Dr Dobbs Journal.


There was a follow up article a year later with some code which I didn't
remember. I am not sure how closely the code written for RTEMS follows
that code.


AFAIK there is no "standard" source for this benchmark -- just the
and some odd code for a few RTOSes.

We would welcome a review of the code against the original articles
and the code they published as well as improvements in the numbers
gathered and their reporting. Statistical information and WCET would
be valuable if the code accurately reflects the intended measurement.

One thing I have noticed in benchmarks over the years is that they
may want to measure say blocking time of a semaphore with a
set of N threads. But they accidentally include the code associated
with the first execution of each thread. So you have to be careful
to not include unintended overhead.

Sorry for the long answer but if you are interested in these benchmarks,
you are encouraged to help improve them.


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