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Wed Nov 22 04:42:02 UTC 2017


I'm struggling to move my toolchain onto a new computer, and I'm missing
some background knowledge. I've got some basic (i think) questions, and
I'll explain my exact situation below that.

1) What is meant by "installation" of the tools? Just placing the directory
structure with binaries at a prefix?

2) What is the difference between a "build set tar file" and "package tar
files?" (i.e. how are these used?)

3) Where do the absolute paths come in that they could potentially cause

4) Is sb-bootstrap part of the rsb "installation?"

5) If I've built and installed everything, can I prepare that build for
deployment without rebuilding the project?

I'm certain not that a problem is the installation of autoconf packages in
my MSYS2 environment, but I was reading about deployment and want to make
sure I'm not breaking something else with the way I copied RSB and RTEMS

My exact scenario (Using RTEMS/RSB 4.11.2) is:
Source Computer (Windows 10 64b) has RSB and kernel built for zc706 (ARM).
Destination Computer (WIndows 7 64b) has things that I've zipped and copied
over manually: the prefix directory including the rsb binaries, the kernel
source directory, and the rsb source directory.
Both use MSYS2.
I want to build the kernel and BSP on Destination Computer, but
sb-bootstrap fails on 4/157: "Can't locate Autom4te/ in @INC
(you may need to install the Autom4te::ChannelDefs module)

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