Building RSB (RTEMS Source Builder) on Windows 10

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Nov 15 05:35:47 UTC 2017

On 14/11/2017 13:29, Jacob Saina wrote:
>>> 2) I've noticed that the "rsb-report-arm-rtems4.11-kernel...." file (attached)
>>> says "RSB: not a valid repo." What does this mean?
>> I suggest you try a build with `--without-rtems` on the command line. ...
> I've kicked off a build --without-rtems. But is this related to the "RSB: not a
> valid repo" message?

I suspect this is a bug where the code is attempting to update or look the
package as a repo but is not. I am still yet to test this.

>>> 3) My build seems to take an excessively long time given my hardware -- it fails
>>> in ~5.5 hours with a brand new laptop with i7, 16GB RAM, and SSDs. My coworker
>>> had no problems on an older laptop with v4.11.0, and that completed in 3:40.
>>What was the architecture? Different architectures have a differing number of
>>libraries and this changes the time needed to build.
> Same architecture, ARM, and same command line except for "4.11.2" vs "4.11.0."
> We've gotten that computer to build applications and run them on the Xilinx zcu706.

I wonder if the default of building RTEMS changed for releases and this is why.

>>Also the RTEMS kernel building builds all BSPs and this arch has a lot of BSPs.
>>That would take a while.
> Oh, I didn't realize that! Looking at the quick start guide
> (, if
> the sb-set-builder step has already built the kernel and BSPs, what does the
> kernel building step do?

Thank you for the feedback and yes you are right this could be better.


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