RTEMS and Google Code-In

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Fri Sep 22 16:35:38 UTC 2017


Google Code-In is a program sponsored by the Google Open Source
Program Office like Google Summer of Code but targeted to high school
students. The projects are small taking no more than a few days. In order
to be available to as many students as possible, many are non-coding.

Open source organizations like RTEMS must have mentors and a
fairly extensive task list. We have done this multiple times in the past.
It is rewarding but hectic and we need as many mentors as possible.

Mentors can be anyone technically capable of using RTEMS. GCI
spans late November to mid-January and we need people who can
handle tasks for different periods of that.

GSoC students would be highly encouraged to exercise their newly
gained knowledge and be mentors.

GCI is a lot of fun and rewarding. We have gotten a lot of good work
from students in the past. For example, much of the Doxygen per
file boiler plate was added by GCI students. Repetitive tasks which
are not scriptable but need to be done lots of times are good candidates.

If you want more info, could mentor, or could recruit someone who uses
RTEMS who doesn't pop up on the list, please speak up.


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