RTEMS/i.MX7D u-boot configuration.

JunBeom Kim (EmbedCoreTech) jbkim at e-coretech.kr
Tue Apr 3 08:05:00 UTC 2018

Dear Huber,

I think that you have focused RTEMS version for i.MX7D board until now.

i.MX6Q SDP board is arrived. and, I am doing porting work about RTEMS for i.MX6Q SDP board with u-boot.

After internal work is completed, I will open my RTEMS porting version for i.MX6Q.

At this time, I did boot RTEMS in u-boot console according to below step in my case.

- fatload mmc 1 0x18000000 imx6q-sabresd.dtb
- fatload mmc 1 0x10100000 rtems.bin
- go 0x10100000

On referencing, I am not expert regarding u-boot configuration for booting RTEMS.

Because I don't know how to transfer DTB block address(0x18000000) in u-boot, I modified start.S tentatively as like below;

#ifdef RTEMS_SMP
	cmp	r7, #0
	bne	1f
//	mov	r0, r6
	mov	r0, #(0x18000000)
	bl	bsp_fdt_copy

If possible, please let me know how to transfer DTB block address in u-boot on your i.MX7D board.

On referencing, current progress is below;
1) RTEMS kernel for single core : completed.
2) FAT file system for SD card : completed.
3) RTEMS kernel for Quad multi-core : on-going.
    - There is possibility for failing SMP port.
    - Maybe, I need some helps from RTEMS users.
4) RTEMS libbsd for Network : on going.

If #4(libbsd for Network) is ported, I will process to open my RTEMS version.

Best Regards,
JunBeom Kim
President / EmbedCoreTech
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Email: jbkim at e-coretech.kr 
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On 27/09/17 08:38, JunBeom Kim (Coressent Kr.) wrote:

> I am still working for porting i.MX6Q FEC driver after I added FreeBSD's i.MX6 FEC driver code on rtems-libbsd.

I added the i.MX 7Dual network interface driver to libbsd today. There are some performance issues:


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