Timers in a task context

Matthew J Fletcher amimjf at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 16:54:37 UTC 2018


Some other operating systems allow a timer be created that will fire the
associated routine in that tasks context. In rtems timers are either in the
interrupt or the timer task, either way, not in the context of the task
that created the timer.

This has caused me some head scratching,. the existing task does something
like this...

  forever {
  rtems_message_queue_receive( rtems_task_self () -> rtems_id ,
wait_forever_no_timeout )

while another task does,..

rtems_timer_create(5_seconds,  do_bunch_of_stuff() );
rtems_message_queue_send( do_bunch_task -> rtems_id, blob1 );
rtems_message_queue_send( do_bunch_task -> rtems_id, blob2 );
rtems_message_queue_send( do_bunch_task -> rtems_id, blob3 );
// etc

of course when do_bunch_of_stuff() gets invoked by the timer,
rtems_task_self() is not going to magically know the task id to return.

Whats the best way to deal with this ?, any method i use (events /
semaphores, etc) is not going to work because there is already an existing
"wait_forever" blocking action,.. i presume i would have to change that to
non-blocking then sample the queue every N ?


Matthew J Fletcher
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