Is there any way to tailor some rtems-libBSD functions?

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Am 05.04.2018 um 04:43 schrieb Chris Johns:
> On 04/04/2018 16:47, jameszxj wrote:
>> Is there any way to tailor some rtems-libBSD functions?
>> For example, we do not need ipv6,can i exclude the function from libBSD?
> Currently there is no user accessible support. There is a task under way to
> provide user support, see
> There has also been discussion on the developer's list, for example
> There is no time frame for this work to be completed and help even testing once
> Christian has something is always welcome.
> Chris
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if you want to reduce code size, you can actually disable some parts by
redefining some functions as empty ones. One quite big part is the WiFi
support: The WiFi support in ifconfig pulls in an xml parser libary.
That increases code size quite a bit. If you don't need that part, you
can add the following function to your application code:

    void _bsd_ifconfig_ieee80211_ctor(void)

That overwrites the one defined by libbsd and removes the WiFi support
from ifconfig. Beneath that for a really small application I also
overwrote a lot of name service functions (gethostbyname, ...) to remove
the name service in an application where it hasn't been necessary. If
you need more information on that, I can search the file with the
functions that have been relevant for this application.

Like Chris said I'm currently working on a change to the build system
that would allow to disable (beneath some other points) IPv6.

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