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Thu Aug 2 06:12:08 UTC 2018


I had a similar question when working on the x86_64 port for RTEMS a while back:

Though the mailing list has no responses, my summarized understanding is:

- If the toolchains for your target exist and work correctly outside
of RTEMS, using their default linker script as a base works very well
("target-ld --verbose" should show you the default linker script). On
top of that, you'll likely only need to add a few exported symbols or
sections (WorkAreaBase, rtemsstack, rtemsroset, etc.) which will be
obvious enough due to compile-time errors. Looking around the RTEMS
codebase makes their purpose obvious enough, but feel free to ask on
the mailing list if not!


- If the toolchains _don't_ exist, that's _really_ your first step -
this likely isn't a problem for you given that ARM family processors
usually have decent developer support.

P.S. - Note that the "BSP and Driver Guide" is outdated in some parts,
so don't take its word as law - that said, it's still a very useful
document to have around.

On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 11:12 AM, Пётр Кустов <petbzzua at> wrote:
>     Hello.
>     I (within a group) need to build RTEMS for MitySOM 335x with ethernet
> and some other drivers. As I understand, the most similar BSP is Beagle
> Bone. Can someone guide me through the most important files we need to
> change?
>     Documentation says, the first thing is "linkcmds" file. And it doesn't
> seem to have much in common between BB and pc386, for example. So, which
> format is the right one?
>     Thanks
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