Parker Solar Probe Plus Launch

Joel Sherrill joel at
Thu Aug 9 11:30:07 UTC 2018

On Wed, Aug 8, 2018, 11:23 PM William Busacker <wbusacker at>

> Since its a NASA mission, United Launch Alliance will probably let them
> do the webcast but ULA will likely link to it. They'll post the link on
> their twitter page
> If ULA does a webcast it will be on their Youtube page

Thanks. I have found a pre-launch briefing which will be at That is at  Thursday, August 9, at 17:00 UTC
(1:00 p.m. EDT.

And I found this:

Parker will blast off aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket
from Space Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. The
65-minute launch window
the mission opens at 3:33 a.m. EDT on Aug. 11, 2018.

So from my personal perspective, that's not the easiest time to watch a

FWIW I was about 20 miles from that launch site two years ago and got to
watch a Delta IV night launch from the beach. Very cool!


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