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Wed Aug 22 11:07:11 UTC 2018

Hello Stavros,

On 22/08/18 12:43, Passas, Stavros wrote:
> Hi all,
> My main objective was to have a way to run the rtems testsuite and 
> have a script auto-compare the results with the corresponding scn file.
> Currently, just because core0 starts core1, seems like core1 always 
> starts Init(), all results are flipped, thus this process cannot be 
> automated.
> Functionality wise, everything runs as expected, I verified 
> individually each core with the debugger, so I am ok with it.
> Also, this issue comes up in a different form also when the 
> applications exits, because core1 (that had started Init(), exits with 
> the expected return code, while all other cores terminate with 
> as an error at the moment from the debugger/loader. For the moment I 
> have added a fatal extension handler to avoid this case, but I am 
> still looking if there is any better solution.

I think a long term solution is to use a new test framework which 
produces machine readable output.

The only machine readable output is currently the begin/end of test 
message. We try currently to get some budget for this. Please let me 
know if you are interested to contribute to something in this area.

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