[GCI] Note of Appreciation

18Y5C31 ZENON HANS TANEKA zenon.hans.taneka at dhs.sg
Sun Dec 16 13:40:59 UTC 2018

Dear all,

I have written to express my appreciation for this community. Hope that it
doesn't disturb you or bring any inconveniences. Being a GCI student, it
has been great to be able to work with you, though I am sure you have found
that often you are doing most of the work because I am not sure about how
to do the task. I think the greatest prize during this experience is in
learning. When I started on this journey, I hadn't known how to build a
project, how makefiles work and how to compile a program. With lots and
lots of help from especially Dr Joel as well as all the other mentors
guiding me through finishing the tasks, I have learnt so much.

Admittedly, it has been really tough because I live on the other side of
the planet and timezone difference is the worst. Furthermore having quite a
lot of other commitments means that I am often working through the night
and getting only about 4 hours of sleep each day. I tried my best to debug
as much as possible and do tasks with the most effort to reduce the time
that you need to amend them so you can do the more pertinent ones. It can
be seen that obviously it wasn't the best because I still had lots and lots
of questions, things I don't know and just lots and lots of bugs. Really
sorry because Dr Joel was doing lots of debugging I couldn't catch or fix.
All in all, it was indeed quite tough and it has really been the mentors
help and encouragement that has helped me pull through.

I have been participating in GCI for 5 years now, and this year is going to
be my last. Putting my focus entirely this GCI on RTEMS has never made me
regret because I has been so cool to contribute to a real-time operating
system. If there's one thing for sure, I am definitely going to be back for
GSoC next year. Thank you for quite the experience and see you again soon!

Yours faithfully,
Zenon (zehata)
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