Qualification of RTEMS SMP (ECSS)

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Fri Dec 7 13:45:54 UTC 2018

On 06/12/2018 01:47, Chris Johns wrote:
>>> - Will all the work also be planned on public channels (devel@, public WIP
>>> branches, etc.)?
>> The project infrastructure is undecided. We probably need some extra Git
>> repositories for WIP stuff. I am not sure if we want to add WIP branches to the
>> main RTEMS repositories.
> I would need to see some more detail on what you and others are considering as a
> way of working before I can agree to adding branches. Branches are easy to
> create, it is what happens to them and when that is the hard part.

I don't think project-specific branches in the main repositories are a 
good idea. I think the private repositories we used for example during 
the make preinstall elimination are better for work in progress stuff.

> Why not use master?

For the RTEMS sources we can use the master. For other parts, e.g. 
things that may go into rtems-tools or whatever, which are newly 
developed I think it is beneficial if some project internal review 
happens first before it is presented to the overall RTEMS community. 
Everyone interested should still have the opportunity to look at it.

>> Maybe we can host the WIP repositories on rtems.org or Github.
> The RTEMS Project does not support the hosting of active repos on github, we
> mirror repos we consider important. We host our repos on git.rtems.org. My
> concern fragmenting what we have and where users find things.

Yes, this is a valid issue. Google finds all sorts of RTEMS repositories 
for example.

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