Problem intializing the Network Stack

Sascha.Tetkov Sascha.Tetkov-extern at
Tue Feb 13 13:15:09 UTC 2018


I'm currently trying to initialize the Network Stack to create a simple echo server on a LEON-4 N2X processor board. I'm using the Cobham Gaisler supplied cross-compiler (gcc with ready to use BSPs), and have already run some test applications, which means (or should mean) the toolchain works.

My problem is that the network initialization fails. The debug information I can get is relatively scarce, but using gdb I see that it seems to crash on bsd_init (rtems_glue.c), specifically on 	

	p = rtems_bsdnet_malloc_mbuf(nmbuf * _SYS_MBUF_LEGACY_MSIZE + _SYS_MBUF_LEGACY_MSIZE - 1,MBUF_MALLOC_MBUF);
	p = (char *)(((uintptr_t)p + _SYS_MBUF_LEGACY_MSIZE - 1) & ~(_SYS_MBUF_LEGACY_MSIZE - 1));
	if (p == NULL) {
		printf ("Can't get network memory.\n");

Now, the driver initialization went through, and I should have 1 Gb of memory.

Considering I'm quite new to RTEMS, I'm not sure how to approach this issue and how to proceed on diagnosing this problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


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