Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Feb 28 03:17:28 UTC 2018

On 28/02/2018 06:33, Christian Mauderer wrote:
> thanks for the information. I'm quite sure that I have seen some web
> pages that use the FlySwatter2 together with a BBB. But If you had some
> bad experience, I'll not recommend the FlySwatter2 or some OpenOCD based
> debugger for the BBB in the next time.

Oh this is not the case, I think you may have misunderstood me. I use
Flyswatter2 and OpenOCD all the time with Zynqs and soon BBBs.

I said it was not working because debugging via JTAG takes some effort to set up
and I have only just started to do this for the BBB. The issue I had was due to
the am335x processor. If you 'reset halt' in OpenOCD you have around 6 seconds
to get things sorted or the watchdog will trigger. I received excellent support
on #beagle and have resolved that issue.

I have RTEMS applications loading and running over JTAG and I am now look into
cache related issues that is effecting breakpoints, stepping etc.

I am starting to update our Wiki to document all this...

> As a positive report: I have a quite stable setup with the Segger J-Link
> EDU. 

I do not run Linux and do not put Macs close to hardware so I cannot run their
closed source GDB server. I will stick with a fully open solution I can control
and fix.

> The EDU is a affordable variant with the disadvantage that it must
> only be used for non-commericial purpose.

Ouch, messy. If I am paid to work on open source is that a non-commmercial
purpose or commercial purpose? What if I am paid more for coding and I debug for
free? ;)


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