zynq bspreset function do not work

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Mon Jul 2 01:55:13 UTC 2018

On 29/06/2018 11:03, bin.wang at qkmtech.com wrote:
> On 29/06/2018 08:33,Chris Johns<chrisj at rtems.org> wrote:
>>Are you running in secure mode, ie a secure boot with an AES key in the BBRAM or
>>There is a bug in the Zynq with the SRST bit when operating in secure mode. You
>>need an external hardware reset.
> thanks reply, but i do not use AES key or efuse? 


> i just use emultor to debug this function , 

Is this doing something to the state of the processor?

> when i run to this line "*pREG_PSS_RST_CTRL = 1;"  ( pREG_PSS_RST_CTRL is a
> pointer to register PSS_RST_CTRL which i defined)
> the program run fly . i just run program in cpu0 ,but when run fly ,the cpu1 is
> also in running state.

I am sorry, I do not understand what "program run fly" means.

I do not know what fly is.

> as in my  opinion, i think when i run "*pREG_PSS_RST_CTRL = 1;", the PC pointer
> in the ARM should jump to reset ISR in start.S, but it didn't.

It is a processor system software reset. I would assume both cores are reset.
The boot code in the processor will complete initialisation and then do what the
pin programming specifies.

> is the software reset also send a pulse in the reset pin just i push reset
> button in the reset pin? 

The SOFT_RST bit is not the POR.

> is the bootrom will run again and then load fsbl again
> and then run my program? 

It should if the remainder of your hardware and system is OK.


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