Constrained deadlines in SMP

Rúben Gonçalves (1150785) 1150785 at
Tue Jul 31 13:34:00 UTC 2018

We  are currently running some experiments with RTEMS in SMP and were faced with some problems. We were hoping someone with a better understanding of the  operating system mechanisms could help us figure out what to do.

We are using the EDF (Earliest Deadline First) scheduler for RTEMS-SMP and the Rate Monotonic Manager.

We were trying to run some periodic tasks that have a constrained deadline. (e.g., Task1 -  Deadline: 30 ticks - Period: 1000 ticks)
The problem is that our  deadline does not correspond to the period of the task and so, we've  come to the conclusion that we needed to create 2 rate monotonic periods (one with the period and other with the deadline) in order to define the actual deadline of our task, but that would involve creating a third period to validate in the end the meeting of our actual deadline (because of details in the implementation).
We would like to know if we are missing any vital information regarding the RTEMS in SMP that would make our development of this solution more practical and also, how is the dynamic priority of a task represented in the system using EDF and RMM?

Thanks in advance,
Ruben e Joel.

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