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Hi Joel,

  I'm doing this from home, so not going through the BNL firewall. It has worked in the past, but not for the last few weeks. I made an attempt a while back and had partial success, then cleaned everything out and started again, with this result. I thought maybe something was in transition, so I waited until now to try again.


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Hi Joel,

   No it doesn't. Is it possible there's something wrong with my git installation?

Any chance bnl has blocked git?

I doubt it is something on your computer. There is supposed to be a way to fetch git via https which would get around firewall issues.


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By any chance does it work for you now? At least one of the servers
was being bombarded yesterday and ran out of disk space with logs.

This worked for me today with no hiccups.


On Fri, Jul 6, 2018 at 1:41 PM, Siddons, David <siddons at<mailto:siddons at>> wrote:

I just tried again to clone rsb:

~/development/rtems$ git clone git://<> rsb
Cloning into 'rsb'...
fatal: repository '' not found

Looking at the contents of this link gets:

No repositories found

I found this same clone command in various places throughout the RTEMS documentation. Am I doing something wrong?


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